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Visual Studio Live Share - Real-time collaborative development

By Ashok Nalam on 23 Nov 2017 | Category: Visual Studio | Tagged: visual studio online visual studio 2017 
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From Connect-Nov,2017 program, Microsoft has announced that they are working on "Visual Studio Live Share" which enables developers to collaborate in real time using visual studio 2017 and Visual studio Code.

You can start Visual Studio Live Share from Visual Studio > Join Collaboration Session... > Enter Live Share URL

Main features of Visual Studio Live Share are
  1. Real Time Sharing
  2. Share Full Context
  3. Collabrative Editing
  4. Collaborative Debugging

1. Real Time Sharing

Live Share enables your team quickly connect to your code base with out configuring any tools or settings. They get instant and secure access to your code from their IDE.
From Visual Studio online > click on Shraing option on toolbar and it generates a Live Share Link. With Visual Studio 2017, go to File > Join Collabration Session > Enter Live Share Link> it connects to code base from Visual Studio online.

2.Share Full Context

Once your team member joins the session, they can load all files of your project and can see editor enhacements like Intellisense, statement completion, Go to Defination and Code Peek.

3. Collabrative Editing

Each team member in live share session can seperately open code files, Edit or write the better code. Instantly, chanages on your code editor will reflect other team members editor. Also you can trace the location of the team members(with names) and see their location/cursor where they are editing the code  currently.

4. Collaborative Debugging

With Live Share, all team members can share the same debugging session and collaboratively debug the code and set breakpoints which refelcts in others session. Every team member can indepdently inspect their objects, add watches and fix the code. Really an excellent feature to work on collaborative mode.

Demo Video

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