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About DotNetMirror - "reflects your knowledge":

Reason behind the domain Name:

"Mirror" means 'faithful reflection' (what you shown is what it resembles). In this site also, we will try to write true technical content which majorly reflects on Microsoft technologies(.NET).


DotNetMirror(short form: DNM ) is a place to reflect your knowledge on Microsoft technologies. DNM Objective is to help users by providing Articles, Interview Questions, News, Snippets and Tips.

Many people have contributed to develop this site directly or indirectly. Here I would like to thank them for their support and a special thanks to Suresh Mittapelly who had helped me to design the site.

Thanks for visiting the site. We hope this site is useful for you to gain the knowledge. If intrested please register with us and contibute to the site.To provide any suggestion/comment/feedback Click here.

Thanks and Regards,
The Admin

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