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New Installation Experience with Visual Studio 2017

By Ashok Nalam on 18 Apr 2017 | Category: Visual Studio | Tagged: visual studio visual studio 2017 
In this article we will see the new Installation Experience with Visual Studio 2017 which has new user experience by having Work loads, Individual components and Language Packs. Also with the new installer window we can report/provide our feedback to Microsoft.
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With Visual studio 2017 installation, Microsoft has changed the installation process by having new installation user experience which was designed to have

  1. Reduce the minimum footprint of Visual Studio
  2. Install/uninstall more quickly with less system impact
  3. Easier to select/un-select the features you want to install

You can see below screenshots during first install of visual studio which is more user friendly and it has 3 tabs


It separates the components with categories like Windows, Web & Cloud, Mobile and Gaming and Other Toolsets. We can select the required components from the list.


Individual Components 

Select Individual components which you would like install from Individual components tab.

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Individual Components

Language Packs

Select language pack which you would like to install. By default it is English.

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Language Packs

Based on our selection of components from Workloads or Individual components it shows the installation size it takes on computer.

Feedback on Installer window:

We can “Report a problem’ or “Provide a suggestion” to Microsoft from installer feedback window from top right corner.

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Feedback

Installation Nickname

Now we can install Visual Studio Enterprise, Professional and Community editions side-by side on the same computer by providing “Installation nickname” from the Installer window (highlighted in below screenshot).
Example: If you install Visual studio Professional and Community Edition, provide the Installation nicknames as Profession/Community and on start menu it appears "Visual Studio 2017 (Profession)" and "Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2017 (Profession)

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Installation Name

Update Visual Studio

To update visual studio, run the visual studio installer file and click on update button if it appears.

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