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Get SharePoint Site template names using Get-SPWebTemplate command

By Ashok Nalam on 26 Mar 2013 | Category: Sharepoint | Tagged: commands powershell 
The article provides information about Get-SPWebTemplate command and how to get list of templates available in SharePoint.
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While creating new site collection from central admin, we can select a site template from Template Selection section. But some times, we may need to create sites from the power shell using CMDlet commands. At that time we need provide the site template name not the site template Title. So in order to know the site template name we will use Get-SPWebTemplate command. Get-SPWebTemplate command is available from SharePoint-2010 version.

Get-SPWebTemplate command displays all globally installed site templates from SharePoint that match the given identity.From the SharePoint management Powershell if we type Get-SPWebTemplate , it will displays the list of site templates available with parameters as Name,Title, Locale ID and Compatibility Level.

Get specific site template details with Name:

Get-SPWebTemplate "Template Name" - Displays site template details which are specific to the template name.
Ex: Get-SPWebTemplate "STS#1"

Create New Site from Power Shell with Template Name:

$templatename = Get-SPWebTemplate "STS#1"
New-SPSite "siteURL" –OwnerAlias "domain\compName" –Template $templatename

Get which template is mapped to SharePoint site:

In order to know which template is mapped to SharePoint site, use the below command.
$spweb = Get-SPWeb "http://urlofsite"
$spweb.WebTemplate - Gives you the site Template Name
$spweb.WebTemplateId - Gives you the site Template ID

Get site template details with *:

Even we can put a like kind of operand in Get-SPWebTemplate command  to know the SharePoint template names which starts with a specific name.
Get-SPWebTemplate "MPS*" //output will be template names starts with MPS

Get  All installed site templates:

Finally i tried to execute the Get-SPWebTemplate  to know the list of site template from my sharepoint(2013 version) and listed the few result details below. Even you can run this command to know the list of templates available from you SharePoint.

Name                 Title                                    LocaleId   CompatibilyLevel
----                 -----                                     --------   ---
GLOBAL#0             Global template                          1033       15
STS#0                Team Site                               1033       15
STS#1                 Blank Site                               1033       15
STS#2                Document Workspace                       1033       15
MPS#0                 Basic Meeting Workspace                   1033       15
MPS#1                 Blank Meeting Workspace                  1033       15
... will get more results.
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