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What are the common usages of Azure functions?

By Ashok Nalam on 21 Feb 2023 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure functions 
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Azure Functions are great solution to build scalable systems and below are a few usage scenarios
  1. To send emails or notifications
  2. Processing the file data - When the blob is added or updated you can run Azure functions
  3. Integration with the different systems
  4. Run batch processes on schedule time - Using Timer Trigger you can schedule jobs
  5. Database backups and cleanups - To administer your DB activities
  6. IoT data processing - using Azure Event Hub biding you can collect data from IOT devices
  7. Build APIs and microservices - Using the HTTP trigger endpoint you can build APIs
There are many more ways, based on your need you can evaluate other features of Azure functions and implement. 
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