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Implementing Singleton class in .NET

By Ashok Nalam on 16 Dec 2012 | Category: C# | Tagged: class singleton design pattern 
In this article we will discuss about the implementation of singleton class in .NET with sample program.
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“A class which can be instantiated only once is called singleton class”.
The term singleton is derived from the mathematics concept of a singleton. Singleton is set with only one element. E.g.: Set {0} is a singleton.

How to achieve singleton class?

  • Mark the constructor as private so that outside the class it’s not possible to create instance of the class.
  • Create static/Shared method can be added to the class to create instance of the class and return the reference of the object.

Sample Program:

class SingletonClass
private static SingletonClass obj;
public int tempVal
get; set;

//private constuctor
private SingletonClass()

public static SingletonClass GetInstance()
if (obj == null)
obj = new SingletonClass();
return obj;
class SingletonClassProgram
public static void Main(string[] args)
SingletonClass obj1,obj2;
//obj1=new SingletonClass(); //invlid due to constructore is private. Error as inaccissible due to protection level
obj1.tempVal =20;

Console.WriteLine(" /********* singleton class Example **********/");
Console.WriteLine("variable value is {0}",obj2.tempVal); //value is 20 because both obj1,obj2 are referring to same object



Data Points

  • Singleton is a design pattern in software development.
  • Single class is like a sealed class

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