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C# 6.0 : Use static class reference in "Using" statement

By Ashok Nalam on 25 Nov 2014 | Category: C# | Tagged: C# 6.0 visual studio 2015 .NET static using 
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With Visual studio versions before 2015 we can not refer static classes in 'Using' statement. With C# 6.0 (Visual Studio 2015) we can use "using" to reference static classes. The advantage is to avoid repetitive method qualification. In order to understand better we will see sample example.


using System.Console;
using System.Math;
namespace DotNetMirror
    class Program
        static void Main()
            WriteLine("static class can be referred in using statement");
            WriteLine(Pow(2, 3));
If you observe from above code we have not appended Console class to WriteLine method each time instead we referred in using statement. Same for Pow method.
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