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what is the Common Language Runtime (CLR)

By Ashok Nalam on 30 Dec 2012 | Category: .NET Framework | Tagged: .NET 
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Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the core component of .NET framework and is responsible for managing the code execution time. It's foundation of .NET framework that enables programs to be portable, supporting mixed language programming and provides secure execution. CLR as the name specifies provides a common runtime environment for different languages.

How it works:
code which is written in respective languages ( VC++ , C#, VB.NET or J#) will generates MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language) code by it's compilers. Then CLR will convert MSIL code to executable code when the program runs. 

The core functions of CLR are
  • Loading and execution of applications
  • Automatic memory management
  • Type safety
  • compilation of IL code to native code
  • Common Type System
  • Exception handling
  • Thread management
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Add rating Rate this resource  [Rated 4.00/5 by 1 people] 
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