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What are the differences between Azure functions and Azure logic apps
Ashok Nalam
Azure function and Azure logic apps both are serverless workloads. Let's look at a few differences below.

Azure FunctionsAzure logic Apps
Execute event-driven serverless code functions with an end-to-end development experienceAutomate the access and use of data across clouds
serverless compute servicesServerless workflows
Code first approached - imperativeDesign first - declarative
Uses App Insights for monitoringUses Azure Monitor logs and Azure Portal
Managed with Rest API and Visual studioManaged with Azure Portal, Rest API, Visual studio and PowerShell
Execute locally or in cloudRun any where
Lot of binding types and extend your own bindingsLot of connectors or build your own
We can call Azure logic apps from FunctionsWe can call Functions from logic app
Write code for each activity to executeIn built read made actions(app connectors) available to integrate from the collection 

Based on above comparisons and your requirement factors you can choose any of the service. 
By: Ashok Nalam | 06 Mar 2023 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 1359 | Comments: 4 | Tags:azure functions  azure logic apps  difference 
Azure database for MySQL connector available for Logic Apps and Power Apps
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 16 Mar 2023 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 2007 | Comments: 7 | Tags:azure database for MySQL  azure logic apps  Power Platform 
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