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Reading configuration settings (connection string and app settings) values of Web.config in JavaScript
Ashok Nalam
In this snippet, we will see how to read values which are defined in appsettings and connectionStrings sections of web.config in JavaScript using ASP.NET.
By: Ashok Nalam | 30 Dec 2012 | JavaScript & Jquery | Views: 22602 | Comments: 1 | Tags:ASP.NET  javascript  web-config 
SharePoint AspMenu control set href location to new window/tab using siteMapNode
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 01 May 2013 | Sharepoint | Views: 22130 | Comments: 0 | Tags:ASP.NET  control  menu  sitemap 
.NET - Save image from one folder to another folder
Ashok Nalam
Sometimes we need to copy an image from one folder to another folder. The snippet shows how to copy file using System.IO.File.Copy for ASP.NET, Console and Windows Application.
By: Ashok Nalam | 24 Mar 2014 | ASP.NET | Views: 10398 | Comments: 0 | Tags:ASP.NET  C#  file 
Programatically save an image/resource from a Web URL using C# and VB.NET
Ashok Nalam
The snippet shows how to copy image from web URL to local machine using WebClient.DownloadFile method with C# and VB.NET examples.
By: Ashok Nalam | 17 Apr 2014 | C# | Views: 91927 | Comments: 0 | Tags:.NET  ASP.NET  C#  VB.NET 
Resolve "Redundant Hostnames" issue using ASP.NET
Ashok Nalam
This snippet show how to resolve "Redundant Hostnames" issue using ASP.NET.
By: Ashok Nalam | 19 Sep 2015 | ASP.NET | Views: 7464 | Comments: 0 | Tags:ASP.NET  error  global.asax 
Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions - HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 17 Jan 2021 | ASP.NET | Views: 14586 | Comments: 2 | Tags:ASP.NET  iis  web-config 
Deploy ASP.Net Core web app with SQL DB to Azure App Service and Azure SQL DB
Ashok Nalam
In this article, we will see how to deploy an ASP.NET Core Web application which is getting data from an SQL server to show data on a web page to Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database.
By: Ashok Nalam | 29 Jun 2024 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 103 | Comments: 0 | Tags:ASP.NET  ASP.NET Core  azure app service  azure SQL  SQL Server 
how to host Restful API using Azure App Service
Ashok Nalam
In this article, we will learn how to create ASP.NET Core Web API with a sample endpoint and host a sample restful API endpoint using Azure App Service.
By: Ashok Nalam | 04 Jul 2024 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 84 | Comments: 0 | Tags:API  ASP.NET Core  azure app service 
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