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How to productize and monetize your APIs with Azure API Management
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 18 Jan 2023 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 3820 | Comments: 1 | Tags:API  Azure API Management 
What tiers does Azure API Management offer?
Ashok Nalam
Azure API management comes in 2 different sets of tiers. 
  1. First one is consumption tier which is built per number of API executions and it is easier to start with even if your application is just picking the API traffic because Microsoft offers one million API executions for free every month. It does not incur any fixed costs. 
  2. The other set of tires are the so-called dedicated tiers( called Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium) where you are billed on an hourly basis, a fixed price and the offer more features than consumption tiers.
Note – You might incur additional charges for API management when using virtual networks, availability zone, and multi-region writes. 

Azure API management is an azure service so your provisions in the azure cloud and route all the API calls through the azure cloud but Microsoft also offers self-hosted components like API gateway or the developer portal that you can host in other clouds like AWS, GCP or on-premises. 


By: Ashok Nalam | 17 Mar 2023 | Microsoft Azure | Views: 1147 | Comments: 7 | Tags:azure  Azure API Management 
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