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Program for finding the sum of the digits of a given number in .NET

By Ashok Nalam on 30 Dec 2012 | Category: C# | Tagged: number 
In this snippets we will see how to find the sum of digits of a given number.
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In this program we will see how to sum the digits of a given number. 

E.g: If user enters number as 1234 then the output will be 1+2+3+4=9.


    class SumOfDigitsProgram
        public static void Main()
            int sum = 0;
            Console.WriteLine(" /********** Program to sum of Digits ************/");
            Console.Write("Enter a number:");
            int number = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
            int tempnumber = number;
            while (tempnumber > 0)
                sum += (tempnumber % 10); // adds last digit of tempnumber to sum
                tempnumber /= 10; // divides tempnumber by 10 to cuts the last digit
            Console.Write("Sum of {0} digit is {1}",number,sum);


Note: If you want to give number beyond the int range, change the  data type of input value(number).

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